Peptide Therapy


Peptides are involved in many bodily functions, including neurological activity, digestion, hormone release, cardiovascular, renal, respiratory and immune system function. Peptide therapy utilizes a natural, safe and effective way to decrease inflammation, help with healing, promote weight loss, hair growth and assist in anti-aging. Peptide therapy assists in your overall health and wellness and is a great addition to optimizing your health.


HGH Peptides, also known as Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides are short chained amino acids. Peptides interact with the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to naturally increase Growth Hormone levels in the body. Peptides have the capability to rewrite body chemistry relationships to promote restoration, anabolism, and homeostasis.


HGH Peptides are a well-tolerated and safe way to increase your body’s natural production of human growth hormone. We offered a variety of peptides, and often prescribe a combination of peptides for optimal results. Peptides are appropriate for men and women alike, no matter your age.

Benefits of peptide therapy to name a few include

  • increased lean muscle mass due to growth of new muscle cells
  • improved workouts and recovery
  • reduced body fat
  • increased energy, strength and stamina
  • deeper more restful sleep
  • decreased joint and muscle pain
  • increased sex drive
  • improved skin tone and texture resulting in less wrinkles
  • improved mental clarity
  • accelerated wound healing


If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, you may be a candidate for the HGH Peptides: 

* Reduced vitality and energy

* Decrease in muscle mass and strength

* A decrease in sexual function/interest

* Fatigue or low energy

* Elevated triglyceride levels

* Difficulty concentrating or fogging brain

* Increasing abdominal fat

* Anxiety and depression


If taken by healthy individuals, yes, peptides are generally a safe way to increase your natural production of human growth hormone. There have been few cases of serious side effects reported, but you should always check where you are getting your peptides from. They should be prescribed by a doctor or licensed medical practitioner and not purchased from online sources. At HEBE Aesthetics and Vitality, we only work with reputable compounding pharmacies ensuring our patients get the best, most efficacious and safe pharmaceutical peptides on the market. Although, generally tolerated and safe for men and women, peptides side effects may include; significant weight gain/loss, decreased fertility, fluid retention, itchiness at the injection site, joint pain or more, however most are transient in nature and resolve in a few weeks.

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