Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. It is responsible for sexual development, reproduction, and men’s appearance with masculinity-like features such as facial hair and deep voice. Likewise, it stimulates building muscles and bone mass.  

In some conditions like hypogonadism or low T, which occurs simply with aging or because of injuries or primary metabolic disorders, men can experience a decline in testosterone levels leading to erectile dysfunction, low libido, decreased motivation and energy and weight gain. As a result, many men turn to vitamin stores for supplements and testosterone boosters that claim to increase energy, boost testosterone levels and make them feel better.

But, do these testosterone boosters really work?     

Testosterone boosters are known as the most popular and the most tempting alternative for men who are aiming to raise their testosterone levels and improve their quality of life. Most of the time, they seek these supplements in local vitamin stores, the most accessible way. However, studies have proven that this might not be the best option.

In fact, supplements sold in markets many times are filled with harmful chemicals and fillers and are not FDA regulated. In addition, they often time lack essential components needed to boost testosterone levels effectively and lack efficacy.

A recent study conducted showed that while over 90% of testosterone supplements claim to effectively raise testosterone levels and market themselves as a miracle product, less than 25% have proven to be effective. Furthermore, increasing risks for side effects especially when used as a form of self-medication.

Thus, it is highly recommended to always seek a medical professional if you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone. In addition, consultation and evaluation should always be performed before initiation of treatment to ensure accurate dosing, monitoring and to prevent potential serious side effects and risks for health complications.